Watering πŸ’¦

Top tips to encourage water intake!
Water is vital for the survival of your cat. Keeping your cat hydrated will keep them safe, happy & healthy.

β€” Choose the correct water bowl πŸ’¦Β Deep, narrow bowls may touch their whiskers which can be uncomfortable. Try switching to a wider, shallower dish with a smaller lip to see if they drink more.

β€” Location πŸ’¦Cats don’t like being boxed into a corner. They prefer locations where they can see their surroundings with a quick glance and don’t have to worry about anything sneaking up on them. Cats do not like to eat or drink close to their litter trays.

β€” Keep it Fresh πŸ’¦Β Dust, dirt, hair and more can all collect in your cat’s water bowl making them less inclined to drink. Refresh the bowl once or twice per day.

β€” Water Flavour πŸ’¦Β Sometimes adding a couple of spoonfuls of juice from a tin of tuna to a bowl of drinking water will really draw your cat’s interest and encourage them to lap from the bowl. NB: Do not let flavoured water sit around too long and use tuna in spring water, not brine as this can be incredibly salty!

– Water Fountains πŸ’¦ Cats love running water and a fountain can make drinking water more exciting and pleasurable for them. Fountains are readily available to buy from large pet stores or online. Alternatively, lots of cats will drink from a running tap. Run your tap morning and evening and encourage your cat to drink whilst enjoying a fun bonding session with them.

β€” Wet Food πŸ’¦ If you have tried all of the above, then wet food may be the answer. Supplementing their diet with wet food can help increase the overall water intake to help prevent dehydration.

β€” Vets πŸ’¦ Speak to your vet if you are in any doubt or if your cat’s urinary issue is severe. They may be able to recommend a diet formulated to support the urinary tract and encourage water turnover in your cat.