Microchipping 🐾

Give your cats a safe and permanent method of identification with the simple process of microchipping.

— the most effective way to identify a lost cat 😿

— slightly smaller than a grain of rice, the chip is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades and is no more painful than an injection

— your cat will be unaware of the chip once it is in place 😺

— the cost of the procedure is normally between £20 & £30

— if details need to be amended then a fee is payable to the database. This may be a one-off fee or a fee each time you make an update

— updating details is an owner’s responsibility and an important part of the chip’s value, e.g. if you move home or change any other details 🏡

–vets, local authorities and trained/insured members of animal welfare organisations may offer microchipping

— it is best to have your cat microchipped before letting it outside for the first time. There is no minimum age, and many cats are microchipped at their first or second vaccination visit

—  documents are normally sent out within 2weeks as confirmation, and these should be safely kept along with the cat’s membership no.

— the person implanting the chip will place a hand-held scanner over the cat to check the implantation has been a success. The scanner will display the number. While movement of the chip, or failure of the chip, is rare, some owners ask to have it scanned for peace of mind during annual vet check-ups

— chips are not programmed with GPS technology so your cat’s whereabouts cannot be tracked

— if you lose your cat, double check the correct details are being held by the database. If your lost cat is found and taken to a vet, local authority or animal welfare organisation, you will be contacted and advised of your cat’s whereabouts

— to re-home  your cat, contact your database as transfer of ownership documents should be completed

— microchip catflaps can be installed in your home, which identify cats trying to enter by scanning their microchips. Entry will only be granted to those whose membership no. you have programmed into the cat flap