🐾🌲Top Tips for Xmas Cats!!!🎅 🐾

Very important to look after your loved ones this festive season and that includes your precious furry friends. 

Look out here for top tips on how to care for your cats over the Xmas period so everyone can have a safe and peaceful holiday.

Co-Co is meant to be proof reading the editorial, but my “fur-ball” secretary seems to have got distracted!!!!!! Top tips for a safe & happy Xmas to follow soon . . . . . 🌲🐾🎅

Thought & consideration is all that is needed for you and your cat(s) to have a safe and jolly festive season. Keep in touch via CatsClubBrighton for more advice and know-how on how to keep your pets happy this year 🐾🎉

Top Tips to “Cat-Proof” your Xmas Tree

If you don’t fancy a suspended tree from your ceiling:

Use a heavy base to anchor your tree (or secure the lower trunk to a skirting board with a screw-hook) to prevent it toppling over should your inquisitive fluff balls jump up to swat baubles, etc,… 🎁

Clear away any fallen needles 🌲 as these can stick in your cat’s paws and can be poisonous when licked!

Water reservoirs for real trees should be covered to prevent any thirsty adventurers taking a sip — tree sap and preservatives used in growing are highly toxic to cats 🐱

Xmas Lights — to “FLASH” or not to “Flash”

Lighting cords/wires are purrrrrfect targets for chewing, so always be vigilant. Try using a cable guard they can’t chew through and consider electrical wire that has a shut-off mechanism if damaged. A ‘bitter apple/lemon’ spray can be used to coat the cords/wires to prevent chewing.

Best practice is to wind lights closely around branches to prevent any dangling targets, cover any loose/trailing cables and turn the lights off/unplug at night or when not indoors.

Remember, like humans, cats find flashing lights more appealing/attractive than static ones!!

Time to Decorate — Time to Play!!! 🎉

Lights, tinsel & baubles —- a cat’s playground!! Keep a watchful eye on the adventurous ones to avoid them swallowing any foreign objects such as tinsel, angel hair, etc,…

Glass ornaments can be broken by inquisitive pets and shards may become caught in fur/paws 🐾 If you choose to use breakable ornaments, best practice is to place them higher up the tree out of reach.

Consider hanging pine cones on the lowest branches and spray them with citronella or bitter apple. 🎅🌲

Cats are generally quite sensible when it comes to eating things they shouldn’t. Any food not specifically designed for cats can affect the digestive system, causing vomiting, diarrhoea or loss of appetite.

Don’t be tempted to give your “fluff ball” that little festive treat, unless you fancy that little unexpected trip to the vets! Stick to their regular diet — maybe some lean turkey breast (without any fat or bones!!) although recommended pet treats are best.

Please contact your local vets for advice or treatment if you are at all worried about your pet’s health